I Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Mikołaja Kopernika w Kołobrzegu

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General information

  --- We are a senior secondary school, the oldest in the area. The building was constructed in 1932 for the Staatliches Domgymnasium (Kolobrzeg, then Kolberg, was in Germany at that time), whose traditions (though indirectly) dated back to the 13th century.

--- Apart from the well-equipped science and biology classrooms, the computer lab, the gym, the body-building room and the full-size athletics stadium with a football pitch, our school boasts an astronomical observatory, the only one in Western Pomerania.

Address: ul. Lopuskiego 42-44
Tel./Fax: (+48) 943544633
e-mail: dyrektor@lokopernik.pl
Head: Mr. Jozef Skorupinski

Size of the school (September 2011)

  Number of students - 564 (362 girls, 202 boys)
Number of teachers - 58
Number of classes - 19

System of teaching

  --- Students start their education here at the age of 16. After 3 years they take final exams (an equivalent to A-levels) in Polish, Maths, at least one foreign language and an additional subject, chosen by the student.
--- Each form follows one of 6 curricular paths, with emphasis placed on different groups of subjects:
- Polish, History, Culture,
- Biology, Chemistry,
- History, Social studies,
- Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,
- A foreign language (English or German)

--- Foreign languages are taught in a cross-form system, in groups of less than 20 students, graded by their level of proficiency. Each student can choose two of the folowing languages: English, German, French or Spanish.

Freetime activities

  Our students can develop their interests in the following circles:
- Sports Club (mainly athletics and basketball)
- Tourist Club "Frog"
- Astronomical Club "Saturn"

Our foreign partners


We are still looking for new partner schools from any countries.

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